Women Only Rehab

Rehab treatment facilities for women focus on providing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual support for women suffering with substance use disorders/addiction and/or mood disorders. For some, they may encounter negative distractions or unsettling triggers if treated in a co-ed facility. Sometimes, choosing a Treatment center which caters strictly to a woman’s health and healing can be most beneficial and foster a more positive recovery. These treatment centers focus on careful and compassionate addressing of sensitive matters, supporting and initiating the process of healing from deep wounding, and teaching new coping mechanisms, as well as establishing new boundaries. Women only centers also offer the kind of comfort and support that encourages women to connect with other women as their peers going through similar struggles, which is especially important if the client/patient has been isolating.


Men Only Rehab

Substance Abuse and Addiction, as well as mental disorder issues affects men and women equally, but personal experiences can be different. Customized programs aimed specifically to treat men-only can serve some men better, and result in a higher success rate, for various reasons. One of course is the elimination of potential distraction from the opposite gender. Some male clients/patients in a treatment setting, relate to each other better than to the opposite gender, or some relate better and act more natural when the opposite gender is not present, particularly when underlying issues of substance use/abuse are related to matters of self-esteem or trauma.


Co-Ed Rehab

Co-ed treatment facilities allow both genders a place to find support together on the journey to recovery utilizing the same treatment services and same Treatment Staff. For some this feels like a more natural and more realistic setting, and the most beneficial way for them to face alcohol addiction and drug abuse. Within a secure and supportive environment, both genders can create sincere dialogue and find ways to cope with scenarios and behaviors in real life situations. Sharing your story and treatment experience with all ages and genders whether other clients/patients or staff can be eye opening and a profoundly therapeutic experience. The true to lifelike environment of co-ed facilities can help people find the motivation to change behaviors and stay clean.