What We Do / How it Works

The process of finding a treatment center you can trust can be a daunting task. There are literally thousands of drug and alcohol treatment centers to choose from across the country and world. Some treatment centers have compelling websites, but they don’t have great reputations. It can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a maze while trying to figure out which treatment option is best. It’s an important moment, when you begin the search for a Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Wading through the confusion of treatment options is difficult, but it can be much easier with our help. We consider all the important factors upfront such as location, credentialing, client to staff ratios, licensing, education of therapists, on-site medically supervised detox, amount and frequency of individual therapy, aftercare planning, etc., which are most important to you.

With RecovCo, we de-mystify the process of choosing a Rehab Treatment Center through concise conversations and education. We help you to understand your options and help you identify what is really most important. We offer a Simple Three-Step Process that:

✔ Quickly bridges the gaps, from Suffering to Discovery to beginning Recovery

✔ Saves you Time, eliminates Confusion and Hassle

✔ Helps you Avoid Rehab Call Centers and Salespeople.

Speak with a caring Rehab Placement Specialist.


 Step 1 - Ready!

Start your journey with a confidential, no-nonsense, no-cost consultation, with our caring and experienced Rehab Placement experts.

✔ Briefly tell us about your struggles - We want to hear your story and then act fast.

✔ Share and describe your deep concerns, needs, and any limitations (medical, legal, financial) you might have - We will treat you with respect and consider all of your needs in finding a treatment center(s) that matches.

✔ We will examine your needs and available resources and match them to treatment options. Do you have medical insurance? a cash budget?

✔ We can help you to understand treatment payment options whether you have applicable insurance benefits or private pay resources.

✔ We have expertise at interpreting insurance policy benefits and can you understand how they may best support you.

Step 2 - Set!

Next, once we have quickly identified one (or more) appropriate treatment centers, and you approve, we will establish a phone introduction. This is quickly followed by an admission pre-assessment with a Treatment Specialist at the facility. We work with your schedule and can arrange an after-hour, evening or weekend pre-assessment, often the “same-day”.

✔ Based on your expressed needs, we ensure their program emphasis and treatment methods offerings match your needs (dual diagnosis, holistic, Non-12 step, medication assisted  treatment (MAT), gender specific, co-ed, luxury, etc.).

✔ Based on your resources, we will confirm upfront how costs best match your resources (insurance pre-qualification, if applicable). We will also pre-negotiate treatment costs  and determine any scholarship availability for out-of-pocket expenses.

✔ For you, we will confirm program space is available and help reserve you a spot – and help finalize an Admission date which matches your needs.

✔ You’ll avoid the endless calling around you can get caught up in, and have confidence you will be put in touch with a Treatment Specialist or Manager, who won’t try to “sell” you into a Rehab Program not right for you. (We do not work for any of the centers we recommend for your consideration)

Step 3 - Go!

Finally, we can assist with last minute preparations and travel arrangements.

✔ We will clarify what to pack and help you find flights, train or bus routings, if needed, and help with local transportation if the facility is nearby.

✔ We can determine if any travel subsidies are available, if travel of some distance is prudent, and desired. Often the best Rehabs are not right around the corner or in your neighborhood. We will share the many the benefits of travel and assist in smoothing the process.

✔ We stay in contact with you and your family (when applicable) during any travel, and up to actual Admission, as we walk with you by phone/text each step of the way.

We are told time and time again how satisfied and grateful callers are for how we reduce the anxiety and worry in finding the right Rehab. A RecovCo Rehab Placement Specialist is standing by to help you get started! Please call us today at: 800-943-5708