Residential Rehab Program methodologies vary based on business model and treatment speciality, and by location.  No two treatment centers are alike, but for fast classification to potential clients/patients, Rehabs will often distinguish themselves in these primary ways:

12-Step Programs

Non-12 Step Programs (Often referred to as Holistic)

Some facilities are large enough and staffed sufficiently to offer the client/patient a choice of separate 12-step or Non-12 Step programs, while most Facilities will specialize in one or the other. Some offer a Hybrid Program.

In addition to client/patient needs and preferences, the choice of Treatment Program type can reflect on program cost and/or insurance benefit limitations, and somtiemes it reflect a successful outcome to education and research about therapy options. Selecting a treatment center offering the highest level of care your insurance will cover or you can afford is important. Other factors and considerations when choosing a Treatment Program may include:


Women only Rehab 

Men only Rehab

Co-Ed Rehab

Mental Health/Behavioral Health


Executive/Luxury Rehab

Adolescent (under 18) Rehab

You have many choices, and at RecovCo, we will guide you through the Rehab Program selection process.

12-Step or Non-12 Step ?

12-step Programs. The foundation of traditional 12 Step approach has been around since the 1930’s, starting with Alcoholics Anonymous, and it has helped many people to overcome their alcohol and drug addictions over the decades.  It provide structure and offer a Recovery Plan that is consistent throughout the treatment and which its principles are straightforward and adaptable to many situations.  The twelve steps to recovery were created as a process of conquering addictive behavior with specific life goals for each step, and they remain the guiding principle for most recovery groups and many Treatment Centers today. They emphasis a surrendering to a higher power to gain control. Many faith-based programs maintain a core a 12-Step approach.

If you are considering taking the first step of a12 Step Program, contact us at 800-943-5708, and we can help you find a program that is a fit for you.

Non-12 Step Programs. As more and more people seek a non-traditional approach to Residential alcohol and drug abuse treatment, a Non-12 Step Program has been the alternative choice. Non-12 Step Programs shift their focus away from an emphasis of step-studies and alternatively onto a philosophy, that “one treatment does not fit all”. They seek to uncover and examine underlying reasons for drug and alcohol abuse and addition, in other words look for, and focus on “root causes”.

While the chemical nature of physical/emotional dependency itself plays a large role in addictive behaviors, it may not be the only reason one reaches for an escape or feels compelled to abuse a substance consciously or unconsciously in a form of self-medication. Non 12-step programs examine the question of: Can Root causes of addiction or self-medication be one or more things? such hereditary predisposition, the effect of disease process or biochemical imbalances, psychological response to stress and/or trauma, un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed environmental and/or food allergies, unplanned dependency on pain killers and mood stabilizers, and even lacking proper boundaries and perpetuation of self-destructive habits?

Non-12 Programs report that by identifying root causes, this improves the potential to remain sober and avoid relapse, and equips the client/patient with tools of how to conquer dependency issues. These programs are typified with an emphasis on empowering the individual through more individual therapy. Non-12 Step Programs are often very Holistic in nature.

If you or your loved one has not been successful in the past, under traditional treatment, and you would like more information about Non-12 Step Residential Rehab Programs, you can contact our helpful RecovCo staff at 800-943-5708.

We can help you find you the treatment you need to address the full scale of your addiction - where you can identify any unknown origins and learn the means to conquer it.