Mental Health

Mental Health focused facilities are unique. Residential facilities that specialize in Mental Health are typically required to maintain special licensing and higher credentialing of staff than those only treating substance use disorders. There is often more structure and control established for the client/patients to keep them and others safe. Dealing with a mental health issue can be a difficult burden for anyone to handle. When suffering through severe grief and depression, severe anxiety, severe trauma, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, etc., where no substance use disorder exists, this scenario can make the search for finding appropriate treatment difficult, outside of considering hospital solutions. We can help you with this search!

There is often a strong link between mental health issues and alcohol or drug abuse, and vice versa. Treatment facilities that have expertise and focus on mental health issues alongside substance abuse and addiction issues, are called "Dual-Diagnosis" and are better equipped to help those struggling with Mental Health issues simultaneously with substance use disorders.


Adolescent Rehab

For teens struggling with substance abuse, there are adolescent treatment facilities. Drug rehab centers dealing with youth and addiction, focus on the physical, emotional, and the mental and spiritual needs of the developing teens and their worried families. With personalized programs that aim to support one of the most vulnerable demographics, these facilities provide coping mechanism designed specifically for teens and the pressures they face in life. Through educational support, individual counseling, and family counseling, teens can find healing in a therapeutic, supervised, and nurturing environment.