Residential Rehab Facility Options

Residential Rehabs are designed for 24/7 full Service, and offer a more comfortable and natural experience than a medical center or hospital in-patient type location. Residential Rehab is where the heavy lifting of Recovery work begins - where the client patient begins the physiological and psychological repair of body, mind and spirit.

A growing number of Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Rehabs provide private, home-like settings and a place of safety and serenity for the work of Recovery. Others provide a more campus-style setting for structure and socialization, while some create and provide a luxurious flare, with high-end property settings, many amenities, and a large array of holistic therapies.

Desirable locations for facilities can include beach, coastal, mountain, or desert settings. Facility types can range from modern commercial campus-style housing and commercial treatment facilities, to compounds resembling a Hotel or Retreat, to a Lodge-like setting, surrounded by spectacular scenery and serenity, and others are professionally staffed Private Homes in safe, secluded, sometimes up-scale, and even exclusive luxury neighborhoods, where you wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside, it is a Rehab Center.

Other Important considerations when choosing a facility include:

✔ Licensing and Credentialing of Facility and Staff Client/Patient to Staff Ratios

✔ Amount/Frequency/Type of Individual Therapy

✔ Insurance Acceptance or Affordability

✔ Pre-Admission by Phone Option

✔ Travel Assistance

✔ Guaranteed Space Availability and Reservation System

When selecting a Rehab Location, the matching of "needs and resources" should be considered a top priority. In some cases, one may not find their best match nearby. This likelihood actually creates benefits you may not have considered. The Benefits of Traveling some distance to begin Recovery are real and solidifies the commitment to seek help and improves emotional outcomes. Some of the positive rationale of getting someone away from a local comfort-zone, are evidence-based for both the client/patient and any supporting family/friends and include:

✔ Creates hope for new possibilities – opportunity to explore new environments, hear fresh ideas, meet new caring people.

✔ Removes distractions that trigger bad habits and negative emotions - naturally improves focus; establishes a real sense of reaching a safe place and personal privacy; a journey of hope.

✔ Affirms intent and desire to change in a positive way, and seek a new life.

We along with the facilities we work with, recognize the many churning emotions and concerns, and roadblocks one experiences and must overcome when choosing a Rehab Program. We stand prepared to assist you in making the best decision quickly, help and advise on how to overcome obstacles, and help work out the details of Travel and Admission, including making travel arrangements, and often negotiating and establishing scholarships for Treatment and for any Travel expense.
Our caring and experienced Rehab Placement Specialists at RecovCo will help you navigate the Rehab Program selection process. You can reach us by calling now, at 800-943-5708