Executive/Luxury Rehab

Luxury or Executive Rehab Programs provide a setting of relative/lavish comfort, and often tout they simulate the environment of a private mansion or luxury hotel or resort, yet they still offer serious high quality therapy for those that prefer a higher standard of accommodation and possess exceptional medical insurance and/or have flexible budgets.

Executive/Luxury programs typically offer superior amenities such as chefs, gym, pool and spa therapy, and business centers or access. Activities offered can range depending on location and season from beach walks, mountain hikes, golf, tennis, theater, shopping, etc.

Luxury Rehabs provide 4-and 5-star accommodations with more privacy for detox, individual and small group therapy. The Staff to Client ratios are higher and therapists generally are more highly credentialed and experienced to support higher frequency and duration of individual psycho-therapy offered. These facilities often go far beyond traditional therapies as well and offer supportive evidence-based therapies such as regular massage therapy , acupuncture therapy, yoga, neurofeedback, equine therapy, hypnotherapy, and nutrition therapy. Luxury Rehabs are generally electronics-friendly, provide balanced chef prepared meals, and offer varied recreational activities to balance the Intensive Therapy.


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