Dual Diagnosis (What is it?)

Someone who is suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse/addiction may also be suffering from mental/mood disruptions or a disorder condition, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, etc. This is common. With different treatments required for mental/behavioral health conditions, it is important to choose a Dual Diagnosis facility that can offer the proper treatment for both substance abuse and mental health, at the same time. According to studies, half of the people who seek treatment for substance abuse also are struggling with a mental condition.

Some facilities are highly specialized in this area, maintaining staffs with higher credentialed therapists and special licensing and have the expertise to diagnose and treat mental/behavioral health disruptions and disorders of Severe Anxiety, Severe Depression, ADHD, Bi-Polar disorder, Trauma/ PTSD, etc.

Whether the mental issue is the result of genetic pre-disposition, or a response to an environmental exposure, physical or emotional injury or trauma, or a combination of contributing factors, a mood struggle or mental illness can affect actions, reactions, and thoughts, and can steer everyday life in the wrong direction, making one vulnerable to dependency on drugs or alcohol, in order to numb unwanted feelings, or fill empty ones.