Alcohol or Drug Detox/Stabilization Phase

When someone is stabilizing during a medically supervised detoxification from
alcohol or drug addiction, it means they are finally finding a way out of the complete darkness. After working through detox and withdrawal management, a person is approaching the optimal time for the help and support of a complete recovery.


At RecovCo, we understand how much this moment matters, and we want to help you find the best place for a full recovery to take place. Completing a Medically Supervised Detox at a licensed facility is the best way to ensure from beginning to end, you will experience the fullest assessment, safest and most comfortable management of any withdrawal symptoms, and 24/7 emotional support through the addiction recovery process.


The advantages of a medically supervised detox include:


Baseline Assessment. In order to create the best plan of action for the most successful treatment placement, understanding the addicted individual and their current situation is a beneficial and necessary part of the process. An assessment can be initiated by phone and completed at admission into treatment when a more in-depth evaluation will be performed including medical assessment by trained staff and treatment initiated by and overseen by a doctor.


Comfort Management. Under medical and facility supervision, any anxiety and physiological discomfort which might otherwise occur during Detox can be managed and controlled safely. Many people can begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within a very few hours after their last drink or drug use. Special targeted medications can be prescribed by a Doctor and administered to block/counteract the effects of alcohol or drug withdrawal in a heavy addiction situation as well as help the patient remain as comfortable as possible while the body purges itself of toxins. Under a medically supervised detox, psychological issues which can be associated with anticipation or actual withdrawal can also be addressed and managed.


Supervision and Support. Recovery support and continued supervision are vital to the success of detox-treatment process and Relapse Prevention.
It starts with Detox. Going through detox alone and attempting to self-detox is never recommended. And watching someone go through it “unassisted” can be difficult and stressful. Providing supervision and support during detox, benefits the person struggling by having immediate access to mental, emotional, and/or physical support for healing, and the odds for relapse are lessened.