Meditation better for Pain, than drugs?


Meditation, Mindfulness, Focused Attention are all variations of a similar positive theme: Mind over the matter of pain, anxiety and stress, negative emotions... and what more and more are suggesting, mind over drugs. New and older research suggests that these natural methods of self-care can be effective for pain, and perhaps even more so than narcotics.

Old and new studies suggest that number of Americans affected by pain today are staggering. The numbers vary depending on the report... CNN, Natural News, National Institute of Drug Abuse, CDC, Washington Post. The numbers vary, but the message is arguably the same: America is hurting, America is addicted. The numbers struggling with pain are in the millions. Are you one of them?

Strikingly and according the Natural News (September 12, 2014 by: Ethan A. Huff): Americans as a whole suffer from far more pain and disease than much of the rest of the world. Either that, or many Americans have become so depressed and hopeless that the only way they can cope with living is to constantly medicate themselves". Further Huff reports "Americans consume most of the pharmaceutical drugs produced for the entire world, even though we represent a mere 5 percent of the global population. And when it comes to painkillers, Americans consume a staggering 80 percent of the global supply, with doctors prescribing more than 259 million scripts for painkillers annually"

What is the alternative?

We know pain killers DO NOT CURE. We know opioid based pain killers ARE ADDICTIVE and over time the afflicted require more and more medication for less effect and experience more side effect consequence.

Studies as much as 4 and 5 years old are out there (but hard to find) which show significant perceived pain reduction and control, with the implementation and practice of meditation. Curiously and fortunately this information is well known in the growing Rehab Industry. Meditation and Mindfulness therapy is becoming commonplace for managing and getting ahead of pain at Holistic Rehab Treatment Centers as well as some Contemporary Medical Institutions.

It seems to be creeping into culture... but perhaps it should take more center stage?

There are growing resources for this alternative approach for Pain Management. Obviously for already severely dependent on addictive painkillers, a medically supervised detox could be considered to help the afflicted find their true baseline and then explore the benefits of alternative pain management approaches. There are free online resources, as well as specialized individuals and facilities to guide those looking for these alternatives. Meditation may not be able to put pain completely out of business, but with a more natural approach to pain management, give big Pharma a run for their money (unless they figure out a way to bottle "meditation"), and put a dent in the pain and help countless people experience a better quality of life.

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